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As a means of resolving land use disputes, The Office of the Property Rights Ombudsman is authorized to issue Advisory Opinions under § 13-43-205 of the Utah Code . An Advisory Opinion is a legal analysis of a specific land use question, thoroughly evaluating facts presented by all parties. An attorney is appointed to prepare a reasoned written opinion that attempts to predict how the matter would be decided by a court. For more information, please see “About Advisory Opinions“ .


Advisory Opinions analyze specific fact situations, and should be read as informational and advisory. Advisory Opinions should not be used as precedent, and do not control other situations. Readers should bear in mind that the unique facts behind each Opinion are critical to the conclusion.

Although the Opinions apply general legal principles, each situation is unique, and a variety of factors, both legal and factual, affect the analysis. A different outcome may be justified, even in similar factual situations. Moreoever, laws change over time and new appellate cases provide new interpretations of existing laws which impact the analysis of an Advisory Opinion. Readers should be advised that the Opinions provide general guidance and information on constitutional protections of private property, but specific questions should be directed to the Office of the Property Rights Ombudsman to be analyzed according to current laws.