Just Compensation Cases

The Carpet Barn v. UDOT–Severance damages may include loss of access or parking.

City of Hildale v. Cooke –Just compensation based on property’s highest and best use.

Cornish Town v. Koller–Jury may determine amount of compensation, if matter is postponed, new valuation may need to be established.

Davis County v. Zions First National Bank–Value enhancement due to project not included in fair market value; comparable sales must be of similar properties.

Tooele County v. Ferrebee–Compensation is not adjusted due to the presence of the public project being built.

UDOT v. Admiral Beverage–Discusses some of the factors in determining Just Compensation.

UDOT v. FPA West Point, LLC–-Each property interest valued separately and individually.

UDOT v. Bogges-Draper - Admissibility of evidence after date of evaluation to determine market value at time of acquisition

Appellate Decisions