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The Office of the Property Rights Ombudsman protects and preserves the property rights of the citizens of Utah.  The Office helps citizens and government agencies understand and comply with land use and property rights laws, resolves property rights disputes, and advocates for fairness and balance when private property rights conflict with public needs.

Lady Justice

The Office of the Property Rights Ombudsman is a neutral, non-partisan agency that helps citizens understand and protect their rights to property ownership and use, and helps resolve disputes.

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Required Notices and Disclosures for Property Owners are Found Here

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An Ombudsman (ahm-buds-mun) is an independent government representative who assists and advises citizens, and helps resolve disputes between citizens and government entities.
This Website is intended to be a resource for private citizens and local officials alike.  We welcome your input and constructive comments to help this site serve the public in the best manner possible.  To learn more about the Ombudsman, and how the Office may help you, click on the topic buttons.
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